Wood is an excellent building material – lightweight, flexible, and very durable. Wood is the only building material that is renewable. To keep our timber resources, we must protect it properly.

Outdoor wood is threatened by a number of pests such as mold, fungi, insects. Whereas pressure treated timber is protected from any previous threats.

During pressurised impregnation, the protective chemical is taken deep into the timber structure

The impregnation process is carried out by using autoclave, where chemicals are impregnated into timber using vacum and pressure.

Pine wood is best suited for impregnation, because the cell walls of pine are designed in a way which enable the impregnation to penetrate deeper. Impregnated timber moisture should be less than 28%, otherwise the water will interfere with the absorption of chemical into wood.

Our durable timber is suitable for terraces, garden furniture, port docks and bridges, playgrounds and many other elements of outdoor structural uses.

Durable timber is safe for humans, animals and plants.